What we do and the region we cover

We provide commercial diving services to companies operating in aquaculture, energy, fishing, shipping, ports and harbours. We mainly cover the north of Scotland but also carry out work further afield.  

We offer the following subsea services 


Loch Duart -laxford

Cage & net inspections and repairs – 30m and 30m+

With the obvious importance of cage and net integrity to any salmon farming operation, we provide routine site dives to inspect nets for damage, level of fouling, missing weights, and then carry out repairs including patching and sewing of damaged nets.

Detailed video surveys

We carry out detailed video surveys for any subsea asset or natural environment such as the seabed below a salmon farming operation, and by using our 4K cameras we ensure very high quality footage and individual images.

Environmental surveys 

This is a very specialist service, with our dive team members carrying out biological surveys to identify marine plants, fish and other animals. We also carry out benthic grab sampling. 

Well boat attendance

We assist well boats for sea chest and well maintenance.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Underwater inspection and thickness testing of barges.

Predator nets

We carry out inspection of predator nets for damage, then any necessary stitching of net seams, plus general repairs etc

Cage cleaning

Cleaning pepper pots, bird support structures, plastic cage cleaning, with our team using power washers and scrapers.

Mortality removal

As there is inevitably a percentage of fish mortality as part of any salmon farm operation, this is something we routinely deal with to ensure removal from pens. 



Mooring inspections

For this service, we carry out inspections of the mooring riser chain, ground chain and anchors. Each dive is filmed, with the dive footage available for the client to view via a secure link. 

Seabed surveys

The main aim here is to identify hazards to navigation in ports and harbours, and as result ensure safe passage for all vessels. 

Location surveys

Location surveys allow us to identify assets for seafloor mapping.  

Hull inspections

We’re able to inspect the hull of vessels for damage, with detailed video footage collected of the underside of the vessel which is then shared with our client via a secure online link.

Concrete barge repairs

Underwater concrete repairs can be challenging, but we fully know how to do them – which follows many years of experience. As part of our service, we also remove shutter bolts after the concrete has set as part of the construction of a barge. 

Civil engineering

This is highly varied work, with much of what we do being for Kishorn Port and associated with rigs. Examples being J-tube removal, hull surveys and steel plate removal. 

Propeller clearance

For any type and size of boat, we can remove rope or chain which is fouling propellers. 

Routine monitoring

This can apply to any routine monitoring of subsea marine assets.

Our health, safety and environmental credentials 

Given the relatively high risk nature of what we do, health and safety is at the heart of our thinking and how we actually operate. We also strongly take environmental considerations into account, with these increasingly relevant in the world we live in. To reflect our credentials for both of these factors, we have ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accreditation.

The ROVs we use 


We have inspection class ROVs, including the VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender with Nortek DVL underwater navigation, which allows the ROV to be programmed to follow transects with automation. We also have the VideoRay Pro5 – ideal for net inspections and smaller jobs. 

Our multi-purpose work boat 

MV Kerry Anne is our multi-purpose workboat. A 16m steel catamaran with 18.5 tonne/m crane, Kerry Anne was built in 2022 by local boatbuilders, North Wind Engineering. She has accommodation for four and a moonpool through the deck to allow safe access.